St Mary Parish, in Arnheim, will host a presentation by Sr. Christine Pratt, OSU. The event is sponsored by the St. Martin Deanery Catholic Rural Life, and will take place from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16. In his Apostolic Letter Mane Nobiscum Domini calling for the Year of the Eucharist in 2004, Pope John Paul II said that the Eucharist is "the great school of peace" and said the authenticity of the Eucharistic Community will be judged by how the poor are fed.

Southwest Regional Medical Center closed around 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 26. It is unknown if they will reopen.

Employees said they were told Friday they no longer have jobs and now they're wondering when they will receive their paychecks. THEY ARE RECEIVING $42,000 IN ADDITION TO WHAT THE STATE WAS ALREADY ORDERED TO PAY.

A court dispute over an MRI machine apparently led to the closure of Southwest Regional Medical Center in Georgetown, which previously was known as Brown County Hospital.

Slow Food Cincinnati hosts a 4-course dinner Wed., Oct. 1, 2013 at Nectar Restaurant honoring our Class of 2014 "Snail of Approval" inductees for their commitment to "good, clean and fair" food: Chef Julie Francis has been serving up "farm to table" food in Cincinnati since way before that phrase became fashionable or commonplace. Her dedication to cooking and sourcing locally, sustainably and seasonally has won the appreciation of many Cincinnati diners.

The Sabrina Line, 9/26: Some Teddy Kremer inspiration A bit of uplift from a new Hemingway Check out this story on A hearty Mobster welcome, please, for our newest Hemingway, Sabrina Mignerey. If this post doesn't put some hip in your dip, check yourself for a pulse.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol's, Georgetown Post, is investigating a fatal crash that occurred Thursday, Sept. 25, at approximately 10:46 a.m., on state Route 41, south of Milepost-1, in Huntington Township in Brown County.